CTA Manufacturing Corporation Glow Plug Tip Puller Kit
CTA Manufacturing Corporation Glow Plug Tip Puller Kit
Order No. CTA-7802

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  • Removes broken glow plug tips stuck in the cylinder head. The tap, drill bit and extractor holders are fitted to the body of the original plug and slide in for perfect centering
  • Self-centering industrial taps with “stop-block” reduce the risk of damage to the cylinder head
  • Size of drill bits and the shoulder of their holder prevents risk of drilling or tapping too far into the cylinder head without prior measurement, saving time and reducing damage
  • Kit services limited clearances, making it easier to access glow plugs closest to the firewall
  • Includes (4) easily identifiable guides & punch for flared tips, (1) punch, (1) foam grip slide hammer, (2) drill supports, (2) tap supports, (2) puller supports & (1) magnetic flex puller
  • M8 & M10 glow plugs are the most common
  • Works on majority of Import/Euro diesel passenger vehicles but can also work on many light trucks, medium trucks, heavy trucks and construction vehicles
  • MAX 300 RPM for all drill bits
  • Replacement Components:
  • 7802X1M - Drill Support + Drill 3.2mm
  • 7802X1N - Drill Support + Drill 2.5mm
  • 7802X1O - Tap Support + Tap M3
  • 7802X1P - Tap Support + Tap M4
  • 7802X1Q - Puller Support + Puller M3
  • 7802X1R - Puller Support + Puller M4
  • Weight (lbs): 3.35
  • Case Quantity: 1
  • UPC Number: 053001078028