Norton Foam Masking Tape, 13mm x 50m
Norton Foam Masking Tape, 13mm x 50m
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  • Norton foam masking tapes are easy-to-use, time-saving products to mask door jambs and other apertures like hood and deck lid openings to need to be sealed during the painting process. Foam masking tape produces a soft edge, rather than a hard paint line, so rework is eliminated and productivity is increased.

  • The fastest, most effective method to mask and seal all jambs.

  • Mask apertures in half the time versus tape and paper.

  • Produces a soft paint edge, eliminating costly rework/detail from hard paint lines caused by masking tape.

  • Prevents overspray from penetrating into the jamb.

  • Masks B, C, D Post/Pillar

  • Apply to fixed part

  • Protects against paint overspray

  • Temperature resistant up to 203ºF for 1 hour.

  • Absorbant and will not flake paint after baking.

  • Works with solvent and waterborne paints.
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