RapidFix RapidFix 10ml Automotive Pack
RapidFix RapidFix 10ml Automotive Pack
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  • RapidFix has an instant adhesive and a welding powder
  • The adhesive dries instantly and can be used on its own to bond any non-porous material to itself or other like material
  • When the adhesive is combined with the welding powder, it can instantly fill cracks, holes, and gaps
  • The repair can also be drilled, filed, sanded, or ground to any shape that suits the repair
  • Because it is a neutral color it can be easily painted or take wood stain
  • RapidFix can produce high strength bonds in seconds
  • The adhesive dries crystal clear and bonds most material instantly
  • Some of these materials are rubber, metal, plastics, copper, aluminum, steel, and most plastics
  • RapidFix can also be used to build up or replace missing areas of the part that is broken
  • RapidFix is the only product that can repair windshield wiper bottles over flow tanks and air intake systems
  • Rapidfix can also repair, gas tanks, radiators, and headlight housings and can be used for electrical wiring
  • Weight (lbs): 0.17
  • Case Quantity: 72
  • UPC Number: 0188170001246